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Education Needs a Renovation…

The university system is becoming irrelevant. It’s the least effective and most expensive way to learn a skill.


Education was originally meant to create wise and virtuous people. With the onset of the Industrial Age, the focus of education shifted to giving mass amounts of info to mass amounts of people to create assembly line-type skilled labor. But the Industrial Age is over.


According to Forbes, the student loan debt crisis has

reached $1.5 TRILLION across 44 million borrowers in the US alone. The average graduate holds close to $37,000 in student loan debt.


Only 27% of college graduates have a job actually related to their major, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


Our current university system contributes to the destruction of civilization because it exchanges truth for falsehood, goodness for evil, and beauty for ugly.

Renovate With Us

“The educational system, however, can’t be reformed from within…We must fix our education system or slowly but surely lose our culture. So that means creating a new model.”

National Review
– May 13, 2016

…That’s Where We Come In

We’re renovating education by providing rich human CONTENT and lots of human CONTACT in the most human CONTEXT.


CreatEd provides a Biblically-centered liberal arts education, instructing in: critical thinking, biblical worldview, life skills, socratic discussion, economics, and classical and global discovery.


The home is the only institution on earth where the gap between learning and living is almost non-existent. In our home-based model, students live, eat, clean, learn and more alongside each other and their professors, providing the context for a truly whole human learning experience.


In our unique cohort model, students walk through the entire program without ever having to change classes, classmates, or professors. We use this unique approach to cultivate the mentorship and partnership each student desires – not lectures.

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Bring Our Home Model To Life

Earlier this year, a group of CreatEd supporters banded together to purchase the 14,000 sq. foot Tribute Property, a large enough to house two cohorts and faculty, yet intimate enough to provide the context to learn human flourishing in our home-based model.

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The Tribute Home has enough space for two CreatEd cohorts and faculty to learn, eat, sleep, and live together in an intimate setting. We need you to help us make it a true home. Our home model is an integral part of our plan to renovate education. Help us start our renovation by giving to one of the renovation categories below.


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